About Dave

Dave has been turning wood since 2014, ever since he stumbled upon a YouTube video that fascinated him. Within three days of watching that video, he found an old lathe that came with a starting set of tools. He still uses four of those tools today! He made his first bowl that night, and has been in love with wood turning ever since.

Living in Lancaster County, PA, he tries to use woods from within 10 miles of Mount Joy, PA. His favorite woods to turn are Apple, Cherry Burl, Black Walnut, English Walnut and Sugar Maple. His circa 1910 barn / workshop is filled with at least 2000 lbs of wood at any time. His friendships with local arborists keep his wood supply filled, with many unique pieces delivered to his garage door on a regular basis. They know he likes bumpy wood, crotch pieces, and uniquely shaped or bent pieces of wood!

While most woodturners would throw away wood with holes in it, or deep cracks, Dave takes those pieces and makes beautiful masterpieces out of them. He prides himself on taking a “throw away” piece of wood and turning it into a work of art.

Shows Attended

  • 2020 – Baltimore Office of Promotion & The Arts – Artscape Online Artists’ Market (August 21 – 30)